Stationary Placing Boom MXR 28-4 T


Boom MXR 28-4-T

model MXR 28-4-T
boom pedestal RS
delivery line pipe 133x4mm
delivery line pipe with couplings 55mm
delivery line dn 125/5,5
arms 4
folding system Z
vertical reach 27,6m
horizontal reach 27,7m
depth of reach 24,6m

• With (ideal in combination with jump form) or without counterweights (on standard PM tubular column)
• Freestanding height of max. 22 m
• Easy operationof the hydraulic climbing device
• Operation of the placing boom with cable or remote control possible
• Plugged together Platform when connecting up the boom and safe access for service 
• Quick separating column, easy to assemble
• Satellite system possible thanks to the quick release system (1 boom but various tubular columns in the building)
• Option: Split arm package reduces lifting weight for assembly =>Ideal for job sites with limited crane capacities

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