Slow Willie


Slow Willie is a powder retarder for concrete that is conveniently packaged in 500gm bags. Delaying the set time gives the operator greater control of the load. Slow Willie is a "must have" for any pumper's toolbox. 

 Works well with any mix design
 Delays approx 1 metre of concrete from setting up to 3 hours
 Will not affect structural strength of concrete


Slow Willie is a dry, powdered retarder for concrete conveniently packaged in easy-to-use one pound bags. It's easily mixed in with concrete during the placing operation giving you greater control. This must-have power concrete retarder saves you money and time. Delaying the setting time allows the operator time to reach proper clean-out locations. This pre-packaged retarder works well with any mix and will not affect structural concrete strength.

Slow Willie Instructions

Slow Willie MSDS