Putzmeister Mixer Pump: MP 25


Technical data     MP 25 S     MP 25
Pump type:     D6 Power
Output:     25 l/min
Del. pressure:     30 bar
Delivery distance:     up to 40 m, 15 m high
Air compressor:     piston compressor, 208 NL/min suction performance
Drive pump:     5,5 kW / 392 rpm
Drive hopper:     1,1 kW / 23 rpm
Weight:     240 kg     235 kg
Length:     1324 mm
Width:     728 mm
Height:     1443 mm
Filling height:     984 mm


Easy to dismantle, but difficult to outperform. The MP25 Mixit mixer pump is a true all-rounder among mixing pumps. It is suitable for all pumpable ready-mixed dry mortar, whether from a bag or from a silo, for example interior plaster (gypsum/gypsum-lime plaster), external rendering (lime/lime cement and insulating plaster), self levelling floor screed, cementitious adhesive and reinforcement mortar. Different pump parts and versions can vary your mixing and pumping performance of about 5-80 l/min.

Equipment features of the MP25 mixing pump:

  • Powerful electric motor
  • Large storage hopper
  • Conical mixing tube 
  • Integrated water pump
  • Compressor with pressure switch-off
  • Compressed air remote control
  • Can be dismantled into practically sized assemblies
  • Easily accessible flow meter for modifying the water quantity