SKU: Prime-A-Pac

Prime-A-Pac is a pre-packaged concrete pump primer that works best on long runs of rubber hose and difficult set-ups. It should not be used for structural concrete. Benefits of this concrete pump primer include:

 Bentonite clay based
 Closest substitute for cement slurries
 Each 1kg bag replaces a 42kg bag of Cement


Prime-A-Pac is the first choice among line pumpers for its oatmeal-like consistency that works on long runs, rubber hoses and difficult set-ups. Just one pail of this bentonite clay-based formula replaces a 42kg bag of  Cement. Prime-A-Pac quickly thickens so that you can prime upon arrival at the jobsite and it is the closest substitute for cement slurries. Not for use in structural concrete. It is sold per box, 18 (approx 1kg) bags per box.

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