Proline – the delivery line with long service life and optimised wearing

Proline Delivery SystemThe individual pipes within the delivery line of a concrete pump wear differently greatly.

And this is why we now have the long-life, two-layer delivery line Proline whose components are on the whole designed to wear uniformly. This means that pipes subjected to greater wear and tear are accordingly made more wearresistant than those subjected to less.

The service life is optimumly used

The delivery line can be completely exchanged without ‘loosing’ any service life of individual pipes. This is both time- and money-saving and means that the concrete pump is highly available.

The advantages of Proline

  • The complete pipeline is designed in such a way that it has approximately the same service life at all points
  • The pipeline is now exchanged as a whole as all parts have much the same service life
  • Proline pipes last approximately 50% longer than the ususal twolayer pipes
  • Proline pipes even last up to 8 times longer than ST 52 pipes
  • Proline pipes are considerably harder (up to 67 HRC)

    Reduction Pipe
    Reduction pipe
    Tower pipe elbow
    Tower pipe elbow
    Pipe elbow
    Pipe elbow
    Drop elbow
    Drop elbow
    Comparison of the hardness values

    Standard two-layer delivery line
    Rockwell 63 / 67 58
    Vickers 780 / 900 660
    Brinell n.a. / n.a. 627

    The complete Proline delivery line is supplied ready for mounting

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