Putzmeister Delivery Line Systems

New coupling system makes it easier to lay delivery hoses

[Ultraflex]Putzmeister complements its delivery line programme with the clamp coupling system PM -ULTRAFLEX. The new system especially distinguishes itself with its exemplarily quick and uncomplicated coupling system which joins together the individual delivery hoses completely leakproof, e. g. the 65 mm and now the new 75 mm lines. The PM-ULTRAFLEX system offers the following advantages over the original hose connections


  • Hose sockets pushed into each other are pre-centred by the seal. The coupling laid over the ends of the couplings can be closed by a person without any centring aid or additional personnel.
  • The mounting of the seal has been simplified because the seal ring no longer has to be pushed over the welding ring. It is already on the male part of the PM-ULTRAFLEX system.
  • As the seal has been simplified, cleaning after pump operation is also considerably easier. Concrete residue can easily be simply wiped away by hand and no longer has to be scratched away out of the seal.
  • The 65 mm ( SK couplings previously used can continue to be used without problems. With the PM-ULTRAFLEX system, they are compatible for both the 65 mm and the 75 mm line.

Putzmeister has of course applied for a patent for the new coupling system. The name PM-ULTRAFLEX is also a protected trade mark.

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