Pin Pour
For safe and economical concreting

Useful accessory can help to do a job easier and safer. CPE is offering quality Putzmeister parts and accessories for your daily business.

More Safety:

  • Uniform flow of concrete
  • Quiet boom
  • No concrete splashing

Less operating costs:

  • Favourable purchase
  • Less wear of pipe and end elbow

Top quality from Putzmeister:

  • Different material, adapted to type of concrete
  • Metal parts covered by plastic



For all delivery lines with Ø 100 (4 1/2”), Ø 120 (5”) und Ø 125 (5 1/2”).


A sensible solution

Pin PourIt is forbidden to use brake bends at the top of the boom, resp. on the end hose of concrete placing booms due to safety reasons. Also forbidden is the use of delivery hoses with metal nozzles.

It is impossible for a man at the end hose to hold the hose when a block-age is freed from the concrete pumps.
The force set free when a blockage is released from concrete pumps is so great (up to 10 tonnes!) that it cannot possibly be held back by a man at the end hose.

An example here might help to elucidate the danger: the so-called ‘B’ hose with 75 mm ø and a water pressure of 8 to 10 bar, used by the fire brigade must be held by two men. For truck-mounted concrete pumps, however, delivery is usually carried out at 85 bar and the line diameter is as a rule 125 mm!

To avoid concrete splashing, the PM Parts Sales offer, by the way, a pin pour. With this accessory, all metal parts are covered by plastic so that there is no danger of injury if they are used correctly.

The pin pour functions like a zoom-type adjustable nozzle which adapts its present cross-section to the amount of concrete flowing at the time. In the field, this means that the concrete flows out of the delivery line uniformly and jerk-free.
The pin pour has of course been given the ‘all-clear’ by the Employers’ Liability Insurance Association.


Advantages of the pin pour:

  • It enables a full and uniform flow of concrete out of the end hose
  • No danger of injury caused by concrete splashing out
  • The boom is quieter as the concrete emerges jerk-free
  • All metal parts are covered by plastic and therefore permitted by the Employers’ Liability Insurance Association
  • Easy to mount and dismantle end throttle due to the bayonet connection
  • Spare throttles are available in three different types of hardness for most different types of concrete (soft, medium and hard).



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