Crete-Buster 20L


Crete-buster is an environmentally safe concrete remover. As soon as it comes into contact with concrete it starts to work and begins to remove concrete from those unwanted places. Crete-buster is hard on concrete but safe on paint, metal, glass and rubber.

 Can be used at full strength or diluted

 Keeps equipment looking great

 Best applied with a simple garden style sprayer

Number KGs in packaging: 22

Eliminate hardened concrete on your equipment with Crete-buster. Crete-buster is a fast acting concrete remover that is safe on paint, metal, rubber and chrome. It can be used at full strength or diluted with water, and it will keep your equipment looking and performing great. Crete-buster also contains no salts, chlorides or muriatic acid, making it an ideal concrete remover for ready-mix trucks, concrete pumps, booms and virtually any other equipment.

CreteBuster MSDS Pdf Document


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